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    Welcome to my website. My name is Paul Hunter and I've been earning a living from guitar-music transcriptions since 1992, and one day I hope to number you amongst my new clients!

    If you want me to notate something for you I will need a copy of it: You can email me an mp3 file, post a CD to my home - or just send me an email with a Youtube link.
    My contact details

    (Sorry, I'm not making that clickable as I don't want spam bots to discover it).

    Paul Hunter
    94 Margaret Street
    North East Lincolnshire
    DN40 1JY
    United Kingdom

    Payment can be made using PayPal, direct bank transfer, a postal order, or a cheque. We can work out the details when the work is finished.

    I do not require you to pay me until the job is done and we are both happy with it.

    Well, there's not much else to say other than I hope to hear from you soon.
    Something you need to know

    With some acoustic guitar transcriptions it can be challenging if the piece uses alt tuning.

    As you probably know there are many hundreds of different tunings out there (just ask Keith Richards), so it would be a great help if you have a rough idea of the types of tunings that the player likes.

    Please tell me if you have any ideas, even if it's only a rough guess!
    Other thoughts

    Transcribing isn't easy, in fact it's a very labour intensive process, so I hope you will understand that it often is not a very quick process.

    That said, of course I work as fast as I can and I will update you as I work on the piece.